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These important artistic expressions are vital to the spiritual life of our congregation. Not only do they help us release our love and worship of God, they help us express great truth in ways that make it more clearly understood. In the same way Jesus used parables, music and drama help us illustrate great truth. If these are your gifts we invite you to join this ministry team as it serves TCH.

Relentless (Student Ministries)

Our youth ministry is comprised of passionate young adults that want to spread the good word to the people of the community.

Connections Groups

Connections Groups are designed to help us do just that- connect with one another in meaningful relationship. Using designated, daily Bible readings believers encourage each other by sharing their God-prompted insights. There is also time spent sharing our lives in prayer and the successes and struggles of living by faith. Some of the groups meet Sunday's at 9:30am, other groups meet at other, more individually convenient times during the week.

Timothy Group (Men's Ministries)

This once a month meeting of men is designed around a hearty breakfast, heart-felt sharing, and a healthy dose of God's word. This is a place where men can hang out without being hung up about their spirituality. Currently our meetings are held the second Saturday of the month at Perko's, 901 Carpenter Road, Modesto. The breakfast begins at 7am.

Heart's Desire (Women's Ministries)

We all need encouragement in our spiritual lives. Heart's Desire is dedicated to providing that encouragment. With a solid focus on the teaching of God's Word, a sensitive heart toward the concerns women face, and a healthy desire for the fun of fellowship Heart's Desire is a safe place where a woman can feel like she belongs. Adult women, both single and married, will enjoy this ministry.

Kids for Christ

Using a variety of tools to communicate to the active minds of children Kid's for Christ is passionate about introducing children to a life-long faith walk with a child's best friend, Jesus. Games, sleight-of-hand illusions, active worship, and an interactive teaching environment lead children to discover the spiritual lessons necessary for life. Serves children ages 6-11 years.

Compassion Ministries

Helping the community see a brighter future.

Pastor Kim Jaime is Director of TCH Compassion Ministries. This ministry has been serving our community since 2005 every Saturday morning from 10am to 12pm.
Each Saturday we serve a pastry snack with a cup of hot coffee or cold punch and provide free groceries, produce and clothing. Clothing is provided for men, women, and children, including infants.Toys are provided for children as well, when available; all for no charge.
We also offer a chapel service at 9:15am on Saturdays, for those who would like to attend, but attendance is not mandatory to receive free food and clothing.
Come and join us! Our volunteer staff is kind and eager to help. Our goal here at Compassion is to Love God, as we Love others.

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